Monday, November 25, 2013

Miscellaneous Madness: Q&A A Day for Kids (November 2013)

Last month, mom shared with you her favorite 5 Q&A's from our new daily journal. We've all been incredibly busy and while we don't always do one question every day, we do make sure that we do all the questions. And we've continued to keep mom laughing almost every day (although sometimes she says if she doesn't laugh ....). So here's her top five from this month.

October 23
Q: What would you like to get rid of or throw away?
Cameron: when I broke my toy, it was pretty old + we threw it away. and when I was a baby in your tummy, you used to rock me + rock me and then you threw away blood.
Kane: you (mom). I didn't mean you (mom), I meant you (Cam). Cam: well, I'm pretty heavy.

November 04
Q: Which character would you be in a movie or on TV?
Cameron: movie -- a princess!
Kane: a knight. that was easy to pick -- my favorite thing. or a king. or a dragon. or a zombie. or a vampire. or a warlock. or a monster.

November 07
Q: How do you pass the time on long car rides?
Kane: I ask my mommy to give me things -- like open my window.
Cameron: clapping. drinking. yogurting. picking apples and leaves. picking owls is my favorite.

November 16 
Q: The two things I'm most afraid of are ____ and ____.
Kane: darkness and nothing else but darkness.
Cameron: darkness and "a tuco" -- it's darkness, I said it in Spanish.

November 19 
Q: What advice would you give to a younger brother or sister?
Kane: well, I have a younger sister, so I'd say that's a "5," not a "6." and you tooted, so say "excuse me." 
Cameron: Thanksgiving things, like Hanukkah, like Christmas. Kane: if you wan't to learn about Thanksgiving, (smacking his chest) straight from me.

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Darcy said...

all of them are awesome, but November 7 is my favorite!!