Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Miscellaneous Madness: A Day in the Life (November 2013)

This month's day in the life was jam packed. A lot of errands, a lot of driving, a lot of on-the-go-dining. Mom has learned how to fit all the things she needs to do in between carting us everywhere we need to go and we are learning the rewards of good behavior and hard work -- at school and at home. Well, Cam is still working on it. We've learned/re-learned that 3 1/2 years old is a hard age and Cam is in the midst right now. Even Kane has had to ask her to "stop throwing tantrums about your shoes." He's matured a lot this year and has become a big help at home (and we hear at school, too) -- we're not going to say mom is bribing us, but we're not going to say she's not.

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5.30 am -- Wednesdays are long(ish) morning run days for mom and an ongoing exercise for her to see how fast she can leave the house without waking us up. strategic lighting is involved.

6.25 am -- apparently Kane woke up not too long after mom left because he was in her bed with a flashlight when she got back. daddy was psyched.

7.45 a.m -- daddy attempts to handle Cam's sock and shoe tantrum this morning. believe it or not, her room did not look like that when she woke up, but her process this morning involved throwing almost all of her shoes out of her closet, blankets off her bed, and strewing around some dress up clothes for good measure.

9.25 am -- mom's mobile office this morning. she sat and worked while Kane attended a playdate at a potential school for next fall. by the looks of things, I'd say you should keep your eyes peeled for a Paleo mocktail on A Feteful Life this week.

10.00 am -- mom had to pick up a few things at PaperSource for the Land of Nod holiday trunk show AFL is co-hosting with No Monsters in My Bed this week. mom can never resist visiting the glitter paper. btw, shooting the 12 in 12 with a real camera as opposed to an iPhone was illuminating for mom -- people get very nervous when you start taking pictures. she'd never been asked if she "needed any help" with so much frequency and intensity.

11.15 am -- having picked Kane up from his playdate and depositing him back at school, mom stopped by Hawthorne Homemade to pick up lunch for in-car dining. if you have to eat while driving, at least it's organic. mom was hungry from her run that morning and had a Green Goddess Smoothie and a turkey, cheddar, guac wrap in a swiss chard leaf. yum.

12 pm -- a quick dash out to IKEA turned into a serious shopping trip for mom. it had been a while since her last trip and IKEA has an awesome mod vibe right now.

1.15 pm -- mom hit up the book section at Barston's Child's Play for Hanukkah presents. They have the most knowledgeable book staff. Really. Kane's still into Lemony Snicket and Cam wants to know how and why everything technically complicated works (and she has no tolerance for BS explanations -- she's basically like a teenager right now).

2.15 pm -- one of Cam's classmates gave her an almost-new pair of Tory Burch Reva flats. mom was overjoyed and thought it might help solve her shoe debacle. haha. cam was pissed that she didn't get to pick out her own new pair of shoes. grrrrrr.... (she has worn them every day since).

3 pm -- mom's second toy store stop of the day, Kane picked out his reward for good behavior at home (we're talking cleaning room, making bed, getting himself dressed, brushing his own teeth, coat on, back pack on, getting out the door in the morning without whining reward). so hard to pick out just one thing -- he went with an American Indian playmobil set given the proximity to Thanksgiving.

4.15 pm -- as part of her seemingly new persona, Cam now naps in the afternoon. but only as long as she naps on the couch in the midst of whatever everyone else is doing.

5.00 -- Kane spotted this gorgeous sunset off our roofdeck.

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