Monday, November 11, 2013

Artworks: Abstract Thanksgiving Decor

I'm not sure if it's because of the number of birthdays we've been celebrating, the frequency of holidays this time of year, or because mom's been busy working on decor projects for A Feteful Life, but we've been ALL OVER mom to let us make holiday decorations. We are almost worse than the commercial stores -- we can hardly wait until one birthday/holiday is over until we move on to the next.

It had been a while since we used our BioColors, so mom thought we could make some holiday stenciled banner pieces with them. It didn't work out so well. So we threw the formal ideas out the window and decided to make some abstract art by printmaking on the table (i.e., we paint the table, make a design, then press a piece of paper to it to pick up the print). We love the tree right outside our front window, which is bursting in fall foliage and so we decided to use similar colors (red, orange and gold, mostly) and made print after print onto thin rice paper. Mom then cut the rice paper into small strips and sewed them on a long strand of metallic Baker's Twine (from the Target $1 bin!) by hand. They look awesome! Mom it planning to make some more and hang a whole slew of them up for Thanksgiving. Sometimes it's the unplanned and random projects that work out the best!  

p.s. after letting her new DSLR sit in her closet since the beginning of June because she couldn't find enough time to teach herself how to use it before actually needing to use it, mom decided to just go with the flow and start. so forgive the quality of the pics around these parts as she learns on the job.

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