Friday, September 20, 2013

Artworks: Celebration Bunting

September in our house means serious party prep. Daddy's birthday is at the end of the month, Kane's is the beginning of October and mom usually has another October party she styles as well. One of the things we love best about parties, which mom just adores, is that we LOVE to help make party decorations. We ask about 1,000 times a day what we can do to help and mom not only appreciates the help, but thinks it makes for an even better party.

We were all over mom to help her work on a party bunting/banner for my upcoming knights and dragons party, so she printed out a bunch of blank bunting pieces on heavy cardstock and let us go at them with watercolors. We actually tried out a few with markers as well, but we weren't in to filling up all the white space. And while mom generally lets us do whatever we want with our art projects, she knew our artwork wouldn't show well once she hung the bunting up. So we painted a bunch and mom cut them out once they dried. They looked awesome, but we wanted a little more pizazz. Bring on the sequins, baby. 

All three of us sat down for a little sequining party. Some bunting pieces got just a little and mom made sure some really got a whole lot. She taped them on to a string of baker's twine (alternatively, you could make small slits along the top of the bunting piece and run the twine through) and hung the banner up. Even this morning, where the sun seems to be taking its sweet time, they put some sparkle in the house. Love it. 

Mom has already been thinking up all kinds of ways for us to help make reusable celebration buntings, including: 
- "painting" them with bleeding art tissue paper (sort of like this);
- printmaking, which would be a great way to do this with the littlest of littles; and 
- circle printing, maybe with some glitter paint

How about you? What ways to your kids help out with celebratory decorating? If they want to help, you can download our template for large and mini buntings right here -- just click on the link to access the google docs. Happy whatever!


Beth said...

It says I'm unable to access the folder and that I need to check the permissions. Is there another way to share the template? Thanks!

Kane and Cameron said...

Sorry, Beth! I changed the permissions on the folder. You should be able to access it now. But let me know if you can't!