Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Miscellaneous Madness: A Day in the Life (September 2013)

We're just getting settled into the new school year and this 12 in 12 was shot one of the very first days. We don't quite have our new schedule all figured out. Mom's trying to make sure that she gets the max amount done while we are away learning and still makes time for us to do all the adventuring we're used to doing. We'll get there.

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8.05 am -- the perks of having a daddy who travels a lot: luxe mini toiletries. Cam hearts the Molton Brown: "you have to smell good, mommy."

9.15 am -- mom gets a little alone time at the gym. despite bringing two giant bags full of stuff, she still always manages to forget something. this time, it was a shirt to wear after. a slightly critical piece of clothing.

11.30 am -- Cam gets out of the clink. she loves school, but is ALWAYS ecstatic when mom picks her up. every single time. it's awesome. 

12.30 pm -- mom's forgotten shirt at the gym meant she didn't get a shower until after pickup and lunch. so Cameron got some unexpected (and much appreciated) iPad time by herself.

1.15 pm -- Kane's 5th birthday knights and dragon party is coming up. he was insistent on having a legit, not cutesy shindig. mom worked on the envelopes to get everything out the door.

3.00 pm -- we scooped Kane from school and headed straight to our bank, which had a major screw up recently resulting in a frozen bank account of which mom and dad were unaware. daddy had already spent several hours on the phone and at a local branch, but problems persisted. so mom brought in the big dogs: us. as Kane said "let me go down there and show 'em who their dealing with." the two of them held a whistling contest for about 45 minutes and that seemed to do the trick.

4.30 pm -- Cam does a little ballet rain dance for an impending storm. 

5.15 pm -- SO excited to participate in a live web chat with Cookie Monster in anticipation of Sesame Street's 44th season, which kicked off this past Monday. cookie is one hilarious dude. 

5.30 -- we got to ask Cookie whether he dunks his treats in milk, like we do. Yep! mom couldn't get a good screen shot while we were online, but we were over the moon to talk to the monster.

6.50 pm -- mom went to run Cam's bath during dinner and discovered that the housekeeper had locked both doors to her bathroom from the inside. having had this happen numerous times, mom no longer needs to watch the Youtube video on how to pick locks. she's a champ.

7.45 pm -- Cameron is the last at the dinner table every darn night. mom vividly remembers being the same way when she was little, but it was because she didn't like to eat her meat or vegetables. cam doesn't have that problem, but she is a CHATTERMOUTH. dinnertime with everyone is her social scene and she'll eat after everyone else if finished and moved on.

8.05 pm -- Kane chooses to eat quickly so he can get extra time setting telling elaborate pirate and knight stories in the shower. he'll stay in there long past the time when the water turns freezing and mom forces him to get out.

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Cath said...

Lady those are some super-happy and adorable children you've got there. Glad you had a fun day (and figured out the lock).