Thursday, September 26, 2013

Keep It Local: South Germantown Adventure Playground

It's rare that we hound mom to take us to a particular playground, but since she finally got around to taking us to Adventure Playground last week, we haven't stopped begging her to go back. It's a bit of a drive, which is why she waited so long to take us. But when she found herself facing a day off of school only a few weeks in, we went for it. I only really have to tell you three things: castle, sea serpent, and pirate ship. You know I was "jumpin' outta my pants" excited. There's also a rock climbing wall, little log cabins, seesaws, vehicles, and more.

It's not a shmancy modern park -- most of the structures are old-school wooden ones, but they are FABULOUS. Full of cubby holes, tunnels, multiple levels, stairs, ladders, ramps, you name it. We could not get enough. We started out putting mom in jail and interrogated her into telling us what she wanted in her castle. She finally admitted to trying to take out "the Duchess," and we rewarded her honesty by declaring her the seat. We spent the rest of our time there running willy nilly through the structures bringing her whatever she wanted and having one heck of a tea party.

The hot sun eventually forced us home, but mom promised we'd return soon. And she kept her promise yesterday. We picked up our game of Duchess right away, but found ourselves in trouble when the castle was set on fire. We made a quick getaway to the pirate ship where Captain (that'd be me) sailed the group to safety. I spent the rest of the voyage listening to Duchess complaining that her party shoes were not seaworthy and turning down Cam's requests to be called a variety of ridiculous names. She held strong on "Ariel, Beautiful, Beauty & the Beast, Sparkle," but finally let me shorten it to "Madame Sparkle."

Even with the awful traffic back into the city, we think it's well worth the trip! FYI -- Adventure Playground is part of a seriously large complex at the South Germantown Recreational Park. If you are using GPS to get there, make sure to use this address:

17920 Germantown Park Drive
Germantown, MD  20841

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