Thursday, June 27, 2013

Artworks: Circle Printing

Mom spied this art project on Pinterest a while ago, but as you might have noticed, we've been much more of a "get out and explore" mode than a "stay in and art" mode lately. Mom thought it might make a good Father's Day card project, however, so we pulled our ol' paints out and went to work. It turned out to be a really nice open-ended project that spawned additional paint exploring for us. And it produced some pretty cool abstract Father's Day cards too.

Here's what you need:
- white paper (we used blank index cards because we knew we wanted card sized artwork);

- black tempera paint (we love our IKEA Mala tubes -- we were on the road for this project and it was super easy for mom to just grab the little tube of black paint to bring);

- cups in various sizes (we used the tops and bottoms of paper cups to get our variation);

- a plate to spread out the black paint (we used styrofoam because that's what we had); and

- watercolor paints (again, our IKEA Mala watercolors are super easy to travel with).

Spread some black tempera paint onto a plate -- you can use a roller, but we just used the bottom of a paper cup. Use the cups as stamps to make circles on your paper. If you're like us, you might end up also "painting" with the cups as brushes -- Kane called that his hurricane technique. Let the black paint dry thoroughly and then go back at the artwork with your watercolors. Stay in the lines or don't.

We also did some printing on the styrofoam plate using q-tips (check out No Monsters in My Bed's similar art project) and made very real looking Rorschach prints as well. Loved them all!

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