Thursday, June 6, 2013

Keep It Local: Canal Park Spraypark

Man, we love when someone does us an unintentional solid. We spent a hot afternoon yesterday celebrating our release from school for the summer by cooling off in the new spraypark at Canal Park near the SE waterfront. By the time mom dragged us home, dinnertime was beckoning and she was feeling too tired to put together the blog post we wanted from her. But then she felt bad because we plan to take next week off from blogging and spend some QT together before we summer camp starts, SO she logged on. Boom. One of our most favorite local blogs, KidFriendly DC, had just posted a fabulous post on the very same Canal Park about which mom planned to blog. Score. 

We present here for you a few snapshots of our afternoon at the park -- we never tore ourselves away from the fountain feature to check out the lawn or the shallow water feature. I thought it was so funny that where we had iceskated just months before, we were now drenching ourselves in cool water. We'll be back! For all real information about the joint, please check out KFDC's post. Thanks KFDC buds!


Anonymous said...

Cant wait to go check it out!! Looks fun!

Kane and Cameron said...

Have fun!