Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fly Away: Cape May County Zoo

It is really hard to get the two of us off of the beach when we're at the shore. But after a few days, we start to hit a wall. The sun and salt have worn us down and we need a little break. Mom's always had the Cape May County Zoo in mind as a good place to do that, but it took a rain day to get us there on our recent trip.

Word was that that zoo had brand new baby snow leopard cubs and we were PSYCHED to see them. The zoo is one of those great local zoos that have the animals fairly close up (although many of them are in cages or behind fences that make it a little difficult to see them) and we started on a path back to the cubs. It started to drizzle. Some bigger drops fell. Then the sky opened up and it poured. And all of our rain coats were back in the car (obvi). We persevered. But wouldn't you know those little cubs had just gone off view by the time we reached them. grrrrrrr.

Making a run for it, we headed to the reptile house and spent some time conversing with snakes. We thought the rain might let up, but after a while, there were no signs it was going to slow down (and plenty of flash flood warnings), so we hit the road. We got totally soaked on the run back to the car, which was super fun until we were in the car without a change of clothes. Lets just say some creative use of raincoats might have gone down.

We hope to go back on a nicer day!

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