Monday, August 5, 2013

Miscellaneous Madness: Summer Bucket List Update #2

It's August?! August! July just completely flew by and before mom knew it, we were out of camp and looking at 6 weeks until the start of school. As it dawned on mom, her face read, as Kane says, "completely past panic!" Fortunately, we have A LOT left on our summer bucket list and we better get busy. We are taking this week off blogging to do just that, but will leave you with another update of our bucket list progress (you can see our first update here). Not too shabby considering we were in camp all month.

Have a great week!

14 - 17.  found 4 new geocaches (that's 5 out of 15) -- finally found two caches on our hidden street mural search, one in NYC, and one on a new hike in Virginia.

18. made ice cream in a baggie -- recipe posted here! delish.

19. hunted for shapes in clouds -- we had a blast using our new cloud identification windows and hunting for all sorts of shapes.

20. attended baseball game -- we made it all the way through the 7th inning at a recent Nat's game and got to see a grand slam!

21. - 22. found 2 new parks (that's 3 of 3!) -- on our recent trip to NYC, we discovered two new parks fabulous: (1) we hit up West Thames Playground and made fast friends with a bunch of city kids with New York attitudes that fit our personalities perfectly; and (2) splashed, jumped and roamed our way along The High Line.

23. discovered 1 new hike (out of anticipated 3) -- geocaching and, unfortunately, ticks were in store for us on our hike in Cosca Regional Park. still a beautiful walk in the woods and we'll post on it soon!

24. made homemade shave ice -- we posted our yummy homemade syrup and shave ice recipe here -- perfect to cool off!

25. toured our city on a double-decker bus -- check out our ride around the city in our recent post.

26. made dog treats -- the batch of frozen doggie treats we made for Vegas are still stocked in our freezer and helping him chill out! find our recipe here.

27. went thrift store shopping -- we went in search of tinkering treasure at a local Value Village. we found some, but haven't had time to tinker yet ... stay tuned!

28. did some bumper bowling -- we had a total blast bowling at Lucky Strike in Chinatown a few weeks ago. turns out that Cam is a sweet bowler (especially considering that she insists on doing it all herself).

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