Friday, August 30, 2013

Keep It Local: Ocean Dunes Waterpark and Mini Golf

Leave it to us to wait until the last seconds of summer to fit in a visit to a new (to us) waterpark. BUT seeing as summer is indeed almost over and this place (at least the waterpark part) is closed after Labor Day, we thought we'd share our super fun trip to Ocean Dunes Waterpark. We went right at opening and had a blast running back and forth between the dumping bucket playground and the shallow portion of the main pool. We've sort of outgrown the baby pool (although the one there looked great for babes), but we can't really swim on our own just yet. And that means that mom can have a bit of a hard time taking both of us to the pool by herself, but the fact that the main swim pool here is divided into zones by depth was perfect.  There was a clear line past which we knew we couldn't reach the bottom standing and that did the trick. 

We practiced our swimming skills, splashed for a while, and then had some lunch before heading over for a round of mini golf. The golf course and the batting cages are open later into the fall, but we aren't ones to miss out on a round of putt putt. If you can't tell, we have some mean, creative swings. And I don't know what it is about a mini golf course, but Cam insists on napping on all of them. Too funny.

We highly suggest trying to get out there this weekend if the weather holds. And if you can't, but you have a doggie who loves water, check out their Dog Days swimming event -- on September 7th, your pooch can swim some laps! 

Happy Labor Day!!!

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