Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fly Away: Boston, MA

We just returned from spending a long weekend in Boston. It was fabulous. Perhaps the most fabulous thing about it was that we didn't do all that much of anything. Well, that's not true. We did a whole lot, but we didn't PLAN a lot ahead of time and most of what we did was outside and more in the nature of exploring. We just sort of meandered about and ending up running into all kinds of cool things, like "hey -- that's Paul Revere's house," many of which are on the Freedom Trail (a walking tour of 16 historical sites). The weather was great. The food was awesome. And mom and dad even got some time sans kids at a great wedding (thanks to one of our favorite babysitters who moved to Boston last year from DC).

And now we are back home facing another two weeks of summer vacation! (mom types sarcastically) She's not much in the mood for a big comprehensive post. So, here was our weekend. Pictorially.

We stayed at a hotel right across the street from Boston Common, the oldest park in the country, which turned out to be a perfect location to stay with kids. We popped across the street regularly for a ginormous space to run and an awesome splash pond and playground. It was also within easy walking distance to the North End and the Back Bay areas of town, where we spent a lot of time as well. In a very nice turn of events for mom, dad offered to take us to the hotel pool while mom got a mani-pedi our first afternoon in town. After that we headed over to Boston Common for a bit and Kane had a blast pointing out all of the Revolutionary War scenes he could identify.

No visit to Boston is complete without dining out on Italian food in the North End. We had a great meal at Villa Francesca, which obliged my order for "butter noodles," and then headed just around the corner for our first taste at one of the city's dueling Italian bakeries -- Modern Pastry. We ordered cannoli filled on the spot and a sampling of delicious rainbow-colored cookies. HOLY COW.

Our only real planned activity for the weekend was to do the infamous Duck Tour. Mom had us all hyped up to get silly and touristy, but we had a rather tame driver. The adults seemed to think he was funny, but there wasn't a whole lot of quacking, which we were excited to do! We did get to drive the boat (I was unimpressed) and mom bought us quacking whistles afterwards, which did the trick (all over town).

We had a yummy lunch at Flour Bakery -- best PBJ in town -- and then a quick play at the playground across the street. We were a little cranky so although dad had made a great suggestion of trying to train it out to Salem, they decided instead to just walk around exploring. A little window shopping. A little geocaching. A walk through the Boston Public Garden to see the famous Ducklings statue.

A quick hotel rest and then back to the Common for splashing in the Frog Pond, face painting and playing at the Tadpole playground. FAB.

We'd already done Italian dining, so for Friday dinner, there was really one option left: lobstah. After a brief period of reservationer's remorse for not choosing Island Creek Oyster Bar (a hipper seafood joint), we were all just as happy to dine at Atlantic Fish Co. On the walk to dinner, I snoozed and we got a close up of the Arlington St. Church's Boston marathon prayers.

Mom and dad had a wedding to go to on Saturday, but we had a little time Saturday morning to walk over to Fanueil Hall, where Kane did some performing, Quincy Market, and explore some more of Little Italy. While the boys got their hair did at a legit barbershop, mom and I checked out boats and then headed over to the other dueling pastry shop -- Mike's Pastry -- for comparison's sake. The cannoli were already filled, so we tried a lobster tail and some rainbow cakes. HOLY COW. AGAIN. We think they're both worth a visit. And Kane got one of the best haircuts he's ever had -- when those guys say "sit still, buddy," you listen. We're going to have to go back to Boston just for that haircut (and the nearby cannoli).

Sunday morning was a little rough for the 'rents, but they pulled it together and we headed over to Cambridge and Harvard Square for a quick walk around campus and a delicious brunch at the quirky Upstairs on the Square. AND a stop in at the only official Curious George store in the world, which has lots of things beyond Curious George, including a great book selection and book nook. We each got to pick out a little something for good behavior (and to ensure cooperation on the plane ride back).


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