Monday, July 8, 2013

Miscellaneous Madness: Summer Bucket List Update #1

Hard to believe, but we are four weeks into our official summer break. So we figured it was time to give an update on our summer bucket list progress. We've been hard at work, but barely made a dent. With summer camp consuming a large part of our days these past few weeks, we're really looking forward to a big August attack. That said, the bucket list has still taken some hits. Here's where we stand one month in.

1. made sand art -- we previously posted on this jewelry we made during our first week of summer break.

2. found 1 new geocache (out of 15 projected finds this summer) -- it hasn't been for lack of effort -- we've been hot on the trail of a series of difficult city nanocaches. only found 1 since the start of summer thus far, but the search has been awesome trip and we'll post on that series soon.

3. launched a beachside water balloon fight -- in an effort to give mom and dad a break from the constantly requested beach activities of "lift me over these waves," "daddy, you're a horsey," "dig me a hole," "chase me," and "help me pee without the entire beach noticing," mom came up with a target-practice like game using water balloons filled at the beach. no big surprise that it turned into "throw the water balloons at mommy and daddy."

4. family olympics -- the Green Family Olympics was a scaled-down affair this year. we still managed some egg races though.

5. checked out a new art museum -- our visit to the Philadelphia Art Museum was a big hit and we plan on returning again this summer.

6. found 1 new park (out of 3 planned new finds this summer) -- we found a wonderful waterside park in Lewes, DE this past week. more to come soon on our adventure there!

7. went boating -- part of our adventure to the park listed above was by way of the Cape May, NJ - Lewes, DE ferry. stay tuned.

8. mini golfed -- swung some clubs at DC's only outdoor mini golf range, East Potomac Park. it was fab and we'll give you all the deets in a soon-to-come post.

9. rootbeer floats -- part of our recent boating adventure. we hit up the boat's snack bar and made our own impromptu rootbeer floats. we might have overheard mom saying "we're on a boat WITH rootbeer floats. boom, bucket list."

10. found a new library -- easily one of the best results of our bucket list thus far, we've been hitting the Cleveland Park library hard. on our second trip there last week we discovered Tuesday lego afternoons AND, wait for it, chess for kids on Wednesdays. you know where we'll be on all upcoming scorchers.

11. attempted 3-D imax -- we watched Kelly Slater's "The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D" at the Smithsonian, which was insanely amazing. I was more into the candy mom let me have and objected to the 3D glasses' style. but Kane was captivated and kept trying to reach out and grab things as they flew by us.

12. baked rainbow cupcakes -- we made these babies to go meet brand new baby Kingston. he's gorgeous and yummy all on his own, but the cupcakes were also well received by his older sisters.

13. ran a family race -- mom and dad really wanted us to do a mud race, but Kane wasn't into it. we lucked out and found the Kazokufit obstacle challenge in Virginia at the end of June. more to come on that!

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Cath @ Where the Watermelons Grow said...

You guys have been busy busy bees! I LOVE the water balloon fight, such a great idea for my sand-loving but wave-hating little girl. You can only collect so many shells, you know?