Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Artworks: Rain Painting

It appears that we've somehow moved to Seattle without actually moving. It's like spring around here this year, just way more humid. So we've had lots of chances to come up with new ways to entertain ourselves in the rain, including to get out in it. Enter rain painting. Nothing too complicated, just a good way to get out and do some art in the rain. 

To start, we ground up some old tempera paint cakes -- we tried to roll them in a plastic baggie at first, but ended up placing them between two layers of wax paper and chopping them up with a cheese cutter (also therapeutic for moms who have been stuck inside with two kids during this "Summer of Rain"). If you have powdered tempera paint, that would work even better. Then we sprinkled the newly-powdered paints onto heavy watercolor paper and set them out in the rain. It was fun to experiment with placement and we grew more patient as we watched the rain work its magic. 

Turns out that the designs kind of look like fireworks, so it might be a good rainy July 4th project to do as well. We are taking a few days blog break to hang, but we'll be back next week to report on our bucket list progress. Happy 4th! 

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