Monday, July 1, 2013

Keep It Local: Hidden Oaks Nature Center

A while back, on a rainy day similar to the forecast for this entire upcoming week, we ventured out in search of a new nature center and found a great indoor and outdoor spot at Hidden Oaks Nature Center in Annandale. We spent a good amount of time inside trying on naturey costumes (including a snake!), examining insect specimens (at that point we were still excited about the prospect of cicadas), reading books, and playing on the small indoor play structure.

About the time we started to tear around in circles inside, the rain let up and we went out to explore the rain garden and outdoor play area that has several open-ended play structures (logs to climb/balance, a sand box, rocks to haul, etc.). We even made a new friend (despite all the fighting over sticks. I mean, it's not like we were in a forest full of sticks or anything). All in all, a great place to enjoy the great outdoors (in and out) on a rainy day. We're gonna guess others are going to be in need of the very same thing this week. Stay dry and sane!

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