Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Miscellaneous Madness: A Day in the Life (July 2013)

At first, mom was annoyed with the photos she shot for our 12 in 12 this month. To her, the day wasn't a typical Not-So-SAHM one. Although, as we're getting older, it seems like we have less and less of a "typical day." We've been spending more time at school in summer camp as we'll do in the fall, so we're all adjusting to moving around activities we're used to doing at our leisure. And mom spends a lot of time in the car driving us back and forth to things. Even so, it seems like there was very little of us around during this particular 12 hours. And mom didn't even make it 12 hours. She and daddy went to the Paul McCartney concert that evening and after 6 p.m., there weren't really any appropriate pictures to post. We hope to make up for it in August -- when there is NO camp at all.

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7.10 a.m. -- it seems that at least one of us has been crawling into mom and dad's bed at night. I've gotten so good that it doesn't even wake them up anymore. So this is what mom saw when her alarm went off. Vegas snuck in there that night, too.

8.20 a.m. -- Cam takes her shoe choice for the day very seriously. She then must put them on herself no matter how long it takes. 

9.25 a.m. -- months of training for consecutive long distance runs outside has finally done mom's knees in. She gave in and joined a gym so she can run on the treadmill and indoor track and give those knees a break.

10.45 a.m. -- shoe shopping for mom. dad and mom went to an MLB Allstars party in NYC last weekend, which necessitated killer new shoes. We got a weekend away to one of our favorite cities, so we weren't complaining either. OK, enough with the feet shots this month.

11.50 a.m. -- spicy tuna avocado rolls and fizzy water made mom's favorite mobile meal. Even though she had to eat it en route to the dry cleaners to try and pick up the laundry before swinging back to school to pick up Cam.

12.30 p.m. -- street chess outside the dry cleaners. Kane just started playing the game and mom's been taking him to the library to learn. She's thinking this might be a more effective school -- this kiddo was getting taught some serious strategy. 

1.45 p.m. -- Cam and mom take advantage of one of the very few rain-free periods of the day to walk Vegas. Cam and Veg are good buds -- walking him is one of her favorite things to do and, like donning her shoes, she insists on walking him herself.

2.30 p.m. -- Friday used to be our special "go out to lunch" day, but we've been eating at camp this summer. So mom still throws us a bone and gets us our favorite cupcakes at the end of the week. 

3.15 p.m. -- Cam spots a baby deer eating in Rock Creek on our way home from school (again). Check out that water level. 

4.59 p.m. -- OK, maybe it wasn't that close to 5, but mom still had to break out the wine to fold (more) laundry. 

5.45 p.m. -- on the metro to Sir Paul. Mom reports that it was amaaaahzing.

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