Monday, November 5, 2012

Keep It Local: Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Several weeks ago, mom and I spent a beautiful, sunny morning exploring the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Mom had only been there once -- years ago when daddy was trying to woo her, and neither Kane nor I had ever been. Frankly, it was the somewhat circuitous directions and obscure parking situation that had kept mom away. But, with only one of us in tow, mom decided to give it a whirl. We found the parking pretty readily by East Potomac Park, which is also on our places to visit list, and walked back over to the Memorial.

It's a short walk, but I insisted on pushing my stroller the entire way and, of course, I can't see over the top of it. So that took a while. But we eventually made our way there and I dashed right up the steps. I butted in on a tour for a bit and then ducked under the chain around the statue (always only a matter of time). We sat on the steps looking out over D.C. and then mom realized it was September 11th. So she hugged me a little closer and I even agreed to share my popcorn.

And given that it's election day tomorrow, we thought it was fitting to share our visit to the TJ Memorial today. We don't care who you vote for (well, that's not entirely true), but you should definitely GET OUT AND VOTE!


i'm giving mom a kiss, not eating her head.

soooo tired after all those stairs. 

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