Monday, November 19, 2012

In Home Entertainment: Holiday Mail for Heroes

We posted last year on the holiday cards we put together for the Red Cross' Holiday Mail for Heroes program, which program we discovered right before the collection deadline. We got it together much earlier this year and last week logged some serious time decorating holiday cards thanking veterans and members of the military. I'm really into writing, addressing and sending letters all on my own and this was a perfect way to let me do that while supporting a good cause. I wrote "Thank You" on every single card myself (I also wanted to know how to write "please fight well," but mom thought that particular sentiment might best be left for another card). Cam focused on adding stickers. And mom wrote our family name at the end. 

We have so much to be thankful for and with the upcoming holiday this week, we thought it would be good to remind others of this really simple and fun way to spread the thanks. Click on the link above for the specific details, but in short, the Red Cross will accept cards postmarked by December 7th and deliver them to military installations, veterans hospitals and other locations.  

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