Monday, November 26, 2012

Keep It Local: Christmas at Mt. Vernon

Christmas at Mount Vernon starts the day after Thanksgiving, which was fitting this year given that temps dropped dramatically after Turkey Day. Having missed the celebration last year (although we did get to see the Christmas camel his last day there), we made sure to get out there early. Highlights include seasonal decorations (including themed Christmas trees), the recently presidentially-pardoned Thanksgiving turkeys, the Christmas camel! (Aladdin is visiting this year), and a rare tour of the mansion's third floor (where Martha moved after George's death).  Oh, and I behaved the entire tour because I was waiting to hit up the chocolate making demonstration at the end. Not a bad bribe.

For the first two weeks of December (on Saturdays and Sundays only), Mount Vernon is offering candlelit tours, which includes music, dancing and holiday treats. Don't forget -- the estate is open 365 days a year, including Christmas and New Years. So when you're looking for somewhere to escape and burn off some holiday energy, head up to George's old digs.

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Cath said...

We're going to miss Christmas at Mt. Vernon this year now that we've moved! The candlelight tour has been a holiday tradition in our family for years. Don't miss the camel and the story of why it's there!