Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Keep It Local: Mt. Vernon Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center

We spend a lot of time at Mt. Vernon, but most of that time is spent running around outside and a walk through the mansion now and again (see our previous posts here). But by the time we are set to go, we've usually completely exhausted ourselves and mom and dad are trying to make a quick exit. A few weeks ago (actually, it's probably months ago by now), mom took the two of us to have a picnic lunch on George's lawn. Somehow we made it all the way there and started having lunch without ever seeing one of the numerous signs warning visitors that no outside food is allowed. Needless to say, our lunch was cut short (we still finished our cupcakes, don't worry). So we had some extra time on our hands and mom decided we'd finally check out the education center we always truck past on our way out. We headed straight to the "kids room" there.

It's pretty awesome. We actually had the whole room to ourselves and were doted on by the two docents. I spent a little bit of time playing with the dollhouse version of Mt. Vernon, but was soon taken with all of the American Girl dolls and their accessories. Kane logged some serious time with the lincoln logs and waged wars with the battle figurines. We colored and read stories. We even worked in a some dress-up time. I'm guessing we'll be spending more time there now that the weather is starting to get cold. And, it's close to the cafeteria, where we'll be eating our lunch from now on.

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Catoctin Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for reminding me how awesome the Kids Room is at Mount Vernon! I think my 19 month old is ready for it.