Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In Home Entertainment: Thanksgiving Tablecloth and Giving Thanks

We somehow ended up hosting Thanksgiving this year at our house, which is actually always fine with mom because she never actually cooks anything. I was born just about a month before Thanksgiving and mom and dad didn't want to travel. So they had everyone to our house and had a newborn excuse to have the meal catered. Mom has clung to that excuse and even took it a step further this year -- the turkey will arrive fully cooked.

So, to balance our laziness in cooking, we thought we'd work a bit on holiday decorations. Both Cami and I brought home a huge bounty of school-made decorations, which we rounded out by putting together a pretty fabulous (if I do say so myself) "tablecloth." First, mom covered our dining room table with kraft butcher paper. Then I traced the outline of a plate at each place. Cami and I worked together on the seating assignments (on which we miraculously agreed) and I wrote each person's name at their place. As Cam and I vigorously do-a-dotted the paper and stamped leaves on it (by using the do-a-dot markers as "stamp pads"), mom wrote down what we claimed to be grateful about for each person at their place. We threw in a few extra thanks for other family members, but don't worry if you don't see your name on the list below. We're grateful for you, we just have very limited attention spans for comprehending the vague idea of gratefulness.

Here are our thankful lists -- Happy Turkey Day tomorrow!

- Uncle Steve - tackling (daddy has promised us a family football game of epic proportions and directions that we can tackle Uncle Steve)
- Nona - for coming from New Jersey
- Grandpa D-Rock - sending us cards
- Aunt Veronica - tackling with me and Uncle Steve (apparently Auntie V can also be tackled)
- Daddy - laying down with me
- Mom - making this wonderful dinner (ha!, says mom)
- Cami - for coming right to her dentist appointment when I call her (she didn't even have a cavity either)
- Doggy - giving him toys
- Grammie B - going with her on vacation
- Grandpa B - letting us fish with him
- Aunt Carrie - talking with me on the phone
- Cousin Jackie - seeing him for a couple of days
- Cousin Graham - being just born
- Dr. Uncle Mark - helping me when I was sick

Uncle Steve - tackle (Cam is ready to play, yo)
Nona - talking to Nona
Grandpa D-Rock - talking to D-Rock
Aunt Veronica - tackle
Daddy - tackle 
Mom - tackle (we all better watch out)
Kane- tackle
- Doggy - tackle
Grammie B - cooking with her
Grandpa B - playing
Aunt Carrie - playing
Cousin Jackie - talking
Cousin Graham - talking
Dr. Uncle Mark - playing

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