Friday, January 27, 2017

The Friday Five!!

I was listening to rapper/singer Lizzo on Lena Dunham's "Women of the Hour" yesterday who was talking about playing in New York after the Daniel Pantaleo trial (the police office who killed Eric Garner). Lizzo described how one can feel a city when the city is in mourning or sad. That's exactly how I felt about about DC this week. After the hope instilled by the Women's March, this week DC sort of vacillated between depression and rage. Maybe that's but me. But I am still trying to be positive and proactive and, to that end, here's what else we did this week besides hang our heads in despair at our Facebook feed.

Cooking -- I've mentioned before about how I get bored with chicken recipes, but this Charred Chicken with Sweet Potatoes was fabulous! I used skinless, boneless chicken breast (because that's the only kind of chicken everyone in the house likes) and it still came out super juicy and flavorful. LOVE. Plus it looks so pretty on a platter, it would be a great main dish for guests.

Reading -- My sister gave Kane The Inquisitor's Tale for Christmas and we started reading it together as a family this week. It jumps around a bit, but we are all mesmerized by the weaving together of individual tales and the stories within the story. We loved Loot so much that we moved on to the second book: Sting. So far, it's even better! Cam has forgone her slot of music in the car to listen to the book on the way home as well.

Making -- We made some awesome paper crowns this week ... stay tuned for the tutorial!

Wanting -- we have been eating SO many avocados -- I need this avocado saver!

Playing -- I just got a new Fitbit so we've been playing "how many steps does mom have?" incessantly. The kids are so good about checking in and telling me to get moving. I seriously thought I was much more active than I have been. But between working at home, carpooling, and my main form of exercise being strength training lately, I just haven't been moving that much. Not any more!


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