Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Crystal Wynwood Mural

We have never sent out a holiday card before—I just never got it together to plan enough ahead and intentionally set up a photo shoot that would work for a card. But when I spotted some snaps of the Crystal Wynwood Mural last summer, I knew it was the perfect excuse to make the kids go take photos in front of a really amazing mural. Inspired by Miami's Wynwood Walls, this Crystal City mural features work from DC's No Kings Collective and local graffiti artists. It is bright, bold, graphic, and was the perfect backdrop for our holiday shots. Now that the holidays are over, I thought I'd share our outtakes!

I let the kids pick what they wanted to wear (within reason). Cam brought a backup outfit of course, but our original plan was to take a bunch of pictures and then get lunch. I snapped a ton of photos of them before we walked to a nearby strip of restaurants. They goofed off—dancing, playing rocks, papers, scissors, and just jumping around.

After lunch, we headed back to the car to go to a park. Cam had a disgustingly stubborn front tooth just hanging around and as we waited to cross the street, it finally fell out! One smile of her without her two front teeth and I knew we had to head back for more photos. She insisted on changing into her backup outfit and I was so glad. She had unknowingly picked the perfect dress to match the mural!

We actually ended up going with one of my very last photos of them. And I loved sending out cards to friends and family this year. So now I'm on the hunt for next year's location!

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mosaic said...

I love the photos! The mural is excellent! The design is lovely and kids look so happy! Thanks for sharing.