Friday, January 20, 2017

The Friday Five!!

Ugh. I feel like all the negative energy from the end of 2016 has just come to a head this week in D.C. With the Obamas on the way out and the inauguration tomorrow, our whole household (and town, it feels like) is C R A N K Y. Not to mention that the kids haven't had a full week of school since mid-December, so I've just been trying to jam my normal amount of work into a few days a week. So, sorry for the lack of posts around here! It wasn't all bad though. And at the risk of coming across like all we did was complain this week, here's what else was going down!

Reading -- Kane wanted to re-read the kids adaptation of Boys in the Boat. We read it last spring, but Joel did most of the reading. This time around, Kane and I are sharing the reading duty and we are all riveted even though we know how it ends up. I finally got Eligible off the library waitlist! The author is one of my friend's sisters (actually, my friend's husband wrote the book on my Friday Five a few weeks ago too) and I'd been waiting to read the modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Loved it!

Making -- Cam has been sewing and crafting like a mad lady lately! We spent some time over the weekend working on the beginning projects in the Sew Mini Treats kit. Now that she has a handle on the basics of the projects, she's been able to progress herself. I don't always love kits, but this one is fabulous!

Cooking -- I ended up being way to heavy handed on the red meat dishes last week, so I tried hard to incorporate more chicken and turkey this week. I always find them less flavorful and when I'm on a Whole30 and can't eat so many things, I want the stuff I can eat to be super delicious. But this Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Salad did the trick (even without the pita)!

Wanting -- I'm obsessed with ear jackets lately and I love these from Rebecca Minkoff.

Playing -- it had been a while since the kids played Catan Jr., but Kane broke it out at a playdate this week and got right back into it. Lots of good strategizing going on!

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