Friday, November 11, 2016

The Friday Five!

For a whole variety of reasons, this week has just kind of been the worst. So, sorry for the lack of posts. In between drinking lots of wine and marathon CNN sessions, this is what else we did.

(FTR, the kids did not have any wine, but as this Onion article suggests, maybe I should have shared.)

Wanting -- I'm pretty sure our grocery delivery service thinks I have a La Croix addiction. Oh wait, I do.

Reading -- we are totally obsessed with the amazing podcast The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel. It's part Goonies, part Stranger Things, and completely hooked all of us. I love that kids are the actors and it is just really well produced. We binged the past episodes and are now wringing our hands waiting for next week's episode. Highly, HIGHLY recommend.

Making -- Kane has been studying bar graphs in school and he's obsessed. I dug out a pad of graph paper this week and our fave International Arrivals double-ended markers and he graphed pretty much everything that was in his room.

Cooking -- I knew we'd be glued to the TV on Tuesday for election coverage so I made this crockpot beef chili (and easy homemade soft pretzels) so that I wouldn't have to cook in the evening. I'm not sure what it is in particular about this recipe, but everyone declared it the best chili I'd made this year. I'll take that.

Playing -- I constantly feel like the kids are growing up overnight, so I love when they pull out "baby toys" to play with. Cam has totally graduated to LEGOs, but for some reason played with this old Duplo set for a whole afternoon this week.

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