Thursday, November 17, 2016

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for the Kiddos: 70+ Ideas of Things to Play and Read

The holiday catalogs have started arriving in droves and Black Friday is just around the corner! That means it's time to start thinking about holiday presents, but I thought I'd try something different for this year's Holiday Gift Guide. I love doing categories of presents (like last year's gift guide for the Little Art + Crafter, Young Builder, Starting Scientist, Beginning Traveler, and Budding Designer), but I thought it would be fun to re-group all of our Friday Five favorites of what we've been playing and reading for this year's guide. They are all tried, tested, and approved by Kane and Cam (and me). I simply listed them in the order we played or read them this year. So without further adieu, here's what we've loved from this year that we think would make perfect holiday gifts for your kiddos!

1. White Mountain puzzles 
2. LEGO Architecture Studio
3. Timeline Historical Events card game
4. Brain Quest cards
5. Twister 
6. Robot Turtles 
7. Rat-a-Tat Cat 
8. Zeus on the Loose 
9. Sushi Go 
10. Agricola 
11. Cinderella Uno 
12. Dragonwood
13. Zeus on the Loose 
14. Spy Gear 
15. Outfoxed
16. Clue 
17. Baba Yaga
18. Top Trumps Harry Potter
19. Don't Be Greedy 
20. Pokemon Trading Cards
21. Longhorn
22. Cranium Brain Breaks 
23. Magnatiles 
24. Sorry 
25. Just Desserts 
26. Enchanted Forest 
27. Set
28. Rush Hour 
29. Grimm's Wooden Mandala 

1. Rick Riordan's Magnus Chase series 
2. Seven Wonders series 
3. The Sherlock Files series 
4. The Secrets of Droon series
5. Septimus Heap series 
6. Blue Balliet's Hold Fast 
7. Blue Ballet's Pieces and Players
8. A to Z Mysteries series 
9. The Island of Dr. Libris 
10. Treasure Hunters series 
11. Benjamin Franklin Huge Pain in My ...
12. Lunch Money
13. The Boys in the Boat (Young Readers)
14. Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes
15. A Week in the Woods 
16. The Heartbreak Messenger 
17. Sasek Classics 
18. Magic Treehouse series 
19. The Worst Class Trip Ever 
20. Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales series 
21. Brick Fairy Tales + Greek Myths
22. Lunch Lady series
23. Enchanted Glass 
24. Mr. Chickees Funny Money
25. The Call of the Wild 
26. A Street Through Time
27. The Chronicles of Narnia 
28. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library
29. The Unwanteds 
30. Treasure Island
31. I Funny series
32. Travels with Gannon and Wyatt series
33. Phillipa Fisher and the Fairy Godsister
34. How to Catch a Bogle 
35. The School Story
36. The Gutsy Girl 
37. Woods Runner 
38. Cam Jansen series 
39. House of Robots series 
40. Inkspell 
41. The Great Shelby Holmes
42. Frank Einstein series 
43. Bad Kitty series


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great article, just an FYI. I think you meant 2016 Holiday guide not 2017..

Not-So-SAHM said...

Thanks for reading!! I like to label my gift guides for the upcoming year in anticipation of New Years -- just how I do it :)