Thursday, October 13, 2016

DIY Mindfulness Jar

I'm sure you've seen these sparkly jars all over the internet by now, called a range of things from "Calm Down Jars" to "Meditation Jars." We decided to make them as mindfulness jars for the kiddos. We've been spending a lot of time talking to the kids, in conjunction with things they learn at school, about being mindful -- focusing on the present, while trying to calmly acknowledge your thoughts and feelings.

It's helped all of us work through daily problems, learning frustrations, and school social interactions. But that abstract concept can be hard to translate into action for all of us, so I thought these mindfulness jars might help illustrate how things can become more clear when we're still (especially when someone needs to calm down). Plus, they are just plain pretty to look at AND finally knock an item off our Fall Bucket List. Cami liked making them so much she actually decided to make one for Kane as a birthday present -- I'll read nothing into that!

Here's what you need to make ours (per jar):
- Large mason jar
- 2 ounces of at least two colors of fine glitter
- 4 ounces glitter glue in a complimentary (we used some from a local craft store, but also like this brand)
- super glue
- water

Start by letting your kiddo add the glitter glue to the jar -- a great fine motor skill! Then have them add the glitter one color at a time. Cami loved how they made different layers of color. Then fill up the jar with water and stir everything together carefully until it is well mixed. Super glue the top on and swirl, swirl, swirl the water once dried! Help your kids practice sitting calmly and watching the glitter swirl and settle. Repeat as necessary!

Tip: personally, I think the jars we made using lighter colors worked better -- give it a try!

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