Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekend Makes

Have the holiday catalogs started to arrive at your home yet? They've been coming in faster than I can recycle them without the kids seeing in our neck of the woods. Thus the kids have been reading and marking, with various writing instruments and symbols, to let us know what they want and in what ranked order.

Part of me wants to put the kibosh on such practice for the mere fact that I find it bratty and entitled, the other really wants to know what they want so I can pass along their wishes to inquiring minds. They've both had heavy hands at the art and crafts items though, which always makes me happy. Particularly that they've each starred (in pen and pencil!), circled, and x'd a child's potters wheel. I loved throwing pottery when I was young, but I'd rather get them in a studio than practice at home. But it got clay on my mind. And therefore into the Weekend Makes. Here's to keeping their creative (rather than commercial) spirit going!

1 / Kane has been studying Picasso at school lately and has become obsessed with drawing "Picasso faces." This tree ornament project is right up his alley. 2 / I love this idea of saving your kiddo's doodles by transferring them to polymer clay. 3 / these clay beads are so simple, but look so great! 4 / these gold place cards are just in time for the holidays 5 / a hedgehog with organizational capability!!


JoKnows said...

Those projects are all super cute. We have a child's pottery wheel in the basement that I had forgotten about until I read your post. Too much STUFF is an issue around here!

Not-So-SAHM said...

Love when I remember things like that! I'm trying to get the kids to clean out before the holiday gifts hit, but it's hard!!