Monday, November 2, 2015

Art Prints for Kid Spaces

It's been almost 9 months since we moved into our "new house" (I think it will always be "new" to me). We did a lot of work before the move -- renovations, decorating, furnishing .... At some point a few months in, I just lost steam. The main things had all been done and I was sick of architects, designers, contractors, and people in the house generally. Between that and the fact that we like to collect art slowly, our walls have largely remained empty.

And now I'm OVER that. But instead of going out and dropping large sums of money on art that we make snap decisions on (cause that would never happen, right?), we've been purchasing reasonably-priced prints that we might some day replace when we find that perfect piece. And the kids' areas are no exception. I've been combing online art sources for prints that work well in kid spaces, but that still work with my overall aesthetic. I can't buy them all, so I thought I'd share my favorites with all of you! Some we have, some are on my to-buy list. But all I love. Happy decorating!

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