Monday, November 9, 2015

My Top 5 Products for Managing Girls Hair (without tears!)

While Cameron will never be tall enough to play center for a basketball team, she somehow managed to get a combo of our genes to score some fantastic hair. And since I am not winning in the hair department, I feel like I can say that. It might change, but so far she's inherited highlights I beg my stylist for and just the perfect amount of wave. But she likes her hair long and worn down, and that requires some management. Management she likes to handle all on her own, of course. So we've had round after round of trying out various tools and products to get her there.

Several people have asked me lately how she manages, so I thought I'd share! Not all of these will work for every hair type, and I recognize that many of these cost more money than I actually spend on my own hair products. BUT they last forever and it means she actually does her own hair without tears and without me having to redo it. So, it works for us.

1 / the Wet and Shine brush duo is an absolute necessity. These magical brushes work on any hair (and I insist Cam uses them on mine when she does my hair too -- no pain!)

2 / Cam sprays a little of this on wet hair if she wants to keep it wavy. It smells good and it means one less brushing session after her hair dries.

3 / this leave in conditioner works better than those kiddie sprays and leaves a little sparkle too. We've been on the same bottle for about two years.

4 / this hair oil works outrageously well and smells amazing. And it should. Because it's outrageously expensive. Cam uses just a little bit each day on dry hair, but it's especially good after she brushes it. But we have been on the same bottle for Cami going on a year and a half, so it's worth it. Sephora also sells a less expensive travel size of this Bumble + Bumble oil, which is our second favorite.

5 / the key to avoiding frizz in our house is to simply not wash your hair every day. So some nights we skip the shampoo and do a spray of this great dry product (I love it for my hair too, so we share a bottle).

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