Thursday, November 26, 2015

Project 52 -- Week 47 + Thanksgivings

Happy Thanksgiving from our turkeys to yours!! We are incredibly grateful for so many things this year and, as I did last year, thought it would be nice to share our thanksgivings. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday -- we're staying put and having a small dinner with some family at our new home today. The kids appear to be unwilling to get out of pajamas. And I'm so, so glad. It's been a wonderful year, but a tiring fall to say the least. Here's to good food, family, and a little rest this holiday!

Rebecca's List

- Serial podcast (and Serial again and again)
- Sweetlife Festival with the kids and good friends
- All of our Italy trip, but especially the Borghese Gallery + Vatican Museums
- Banshee on Cinemax -- so incredibly violent and over the top, but we can't stop watching
- Kane's Picasso portraits

- Open City brinners with the kids
- Successfully eating the ginormous Brigantine Sundae as a family at the end of summer
- Two dinners at L'abside in Amalfi
- Come il Latte gelateria in Rome
- Making Momfuku's 5.10 eggs on repeat at home
- The kids adding watermelon agua fresca to sell at our lemonade stand
- ABC Kitchen's Butternut Squash Toast (gahhhh! so good!)
- Hosting four dinner parties in four weeks (including today's Thanksgiving!)
- Successfully completing a Whole60 this summer -- can't wait to get back to it!

- Taking the kids to the Metropolitan Museum of Art 
- Hense Graffiti Church 
- Jazz n' Families Day at the Phillips Collection
- Fossil finding at Flag Ponds Nature Park 
- Spark!Lab at the Smithsonian 
- Sandy Springs Adventure Park with Kane for a birthday party

- My beloved Nespresso machine
- A new garmin running watch
- Our new house!
- This fantastic spiralizer
- My jade bracelet Joel brought back from China
- Our family moccasins from Positano
- Finally getting a new refrigerator!!!

- Completing the New Year's Day Polar Bear Plunge as a family of penguins (including the kids!)
- Finishing the manuscript of my first book!!! Publishing takes forever, but it's currently slated to be out in the fall of 2016!
- Finding and becoming obsessed with [solidcore] -- so good it hurts (or it hurts so good, too). And getting Joel to go with me yesterday
- Having both kids in the same AMAZING school, which means expanding that community we love and having one drop-off and one pickup!
- Project 52 
- Family board game night
- Running with the kids in Rock Creek Park
- Whip Nae Nae kitchen dance parties
- Cam coming up with Patterned Jumpsuit Day
- Being featured on Design Mom's Living with Kids series yesterday!!!

- Our staycation last Thanksgiving
- Last Christmas in New York
- Spending a long weekend in Oak Park with my parents by myself
- Brigantine vacation with my parents, siblings and their families
- ITALY (you can see all our posts here)

The Kids' Lists (for some reason, these two clam up when I ask them for what they are grateful. And leave it to Cam for initially citing instead to a previously compiled list)
- Kane: "my family, love, friends, my toys, my house, so many LEGOs from Nona, my mom and dad, and Cami and that's it."

- Cam: "everything that's in my {thankful} book I made at school, D-Rock, Daddy, my mommy and daddy, letting me go to Amalfi and Italy. Isn't that enough?"

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