Thursday, April 3, 2014

Keep It Local: Gravity's Edge at the Hirshhorn Museum

Back on a snow day in February, we took a trip down to one of our favorite museums to check out the Gravity's Edge exhibit at the Hirshhorn. Part of the museum's series of exhibitions drawn from it's own collection, Gravity's Edge does just as it suggests: it explores the force of gravity in artwork. Since we'd done drip paintings before, mom thought we would find it interesting. But neither of us were really in the mood -- even for the really fabulous installation "Corner Piece, 1969" by Lynda Benglis, which reminded mom so much of our sidewalk chalk art from a few years back. Mom, on the other had, loved the exhibit and made us sit and observe for a while even though we just wanted to get out in that snow. We got out there and tested gravity ourselves. Remember snow? Don't worry -- it's only April, surely it will be back.

Gravity's Edge will be at the Hirshhorn until June 15th -- mom says it's worth the trip.

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