Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Go Shorty, It's Your Birthday: Cameron's 4th Birthday Pink Princess Piggy Party

SU-WEEEEEEET!!!! I turned 4 yesterday and we celebrated over the weekend with a super fabulous pink princess piggy party. Now mom generally lets us have whatever kind of themed party we want (within reason -- even she said no to the live pony party), and she likes when we come up with random stuff, so when I told he what I wanted for my 4th birthday, she hit the ground running. It's not entirely clear where my love of piggies comes from -- I generally like all baby animals ("soooo adorable!") and I have a really keen sense of smell, which I explained to mom that pigs also have (hellooooo, truffles). That's as much as mom can figure out. But it sounded good, I guess.

My most favorite meal is breakfast, which I'll eat anytime of the day, so mom knew we'd have brunch. There was LOTS and LOTS of gold glitter and pink and pancakes. All of my favorite things, really. We did a few crafts, ate a lot of sugar, spun a lot of Ke$ha and Frozen (I've also shown an interest in becoming a DJ), and had an absolutely fabulous time. A HUGE thanks to Ms. Liz and Ms. Jenn for really outdoing themselves on my birthday cake -- a gorgeous tower of gilded Italian meringue buttercream hiding delicious pink ombre layers. When mom showed me, I declared "It's gorgeous! It looks like a wedding cake! People are going to pee their pants!" That's high praise right there, no lie. And, as always, a big bunch of hugs and kisses to all my friends and family members who traveled from far and wide to celebrate my birthday with me. It continues to amaze all of us that our family makes such an effort for our birthdays, but they keep coming, so we'll keep throwing parties!

The SU-WEET invite mom made is available in her Etsy shop (so are the glittered envelopes, btw) or the AFL Etsy shop. I LOVED it and have a copy up in my room. The pink and gold stripes really set up the decor for the rest of the party.

The main decor was the absolutely FABULOUS tasseled wall mom and Ms. Suzanne put together -- you wouldn't know it, but mom says it was the easiest focal wall she's ever done. Nothing like the ruffled streamer escapade of last year. The gold number 4 balloon was perfect. Thanks, Ms. Suzanne (and Owen!) for your help! Mom also made a sparkling piggies on parade garland and added pink tassels, too (I actually painted all those little piggies pink first).

Brunch was strawberry and vanilla yogurt parfaits (arranged in pink and white stripes, obvi), prosciutto egg cups (and some sans piggy), berry + donut skewers (also striped), bagels, and sparkling short stacks of pancakes (my fave!). Yum, yum.

To drink we had the usual suspects (beer, juice, fizzy water) and then cotton candy lemonade for the kiddos and potent piggy punch for the adults. Gold striped paper straws for all!

More gold piggies on parade and pink fringe lined the dessert table, which was well stocked with pink + white striped marshmallows, pink saltwater taffy, sour pink pig gummies, and gilded french macarons (another big fave of mine). And THE CAKE, of course. Mom and Ms. Liz might start gilding everything -- edible gold?! I'm in. 

Tasseled pink streamers and twirling pink + gold piggies dangled over the craft table. I personally painted about 60 pig cutouts, which mom fashioned into necklaces for decorating with all kinds of bling. We also had more manly cuffs available to decorate and scratch crowns (it was a PRINCESS party after all).

For favors, Kane and I helped mom make a TON of pink + gold piggy crayons, which we put in a little bag with a pig notepad. I love, love, love, peeling and chopping crayons, so it was a perfect favor. 

Gigantic round and tasseled balloons swayed on the front porch, which mom has been wanting to do for forever. 

And my su-weet brother Kane got all dapper for my party, too. 


Cath said...

WOW! What a party -- that cake is truly amazing. Happy birthday Cam!

Kane and Cameron said...

Thanks, Cath!