Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Miscellaneous Madness: A Day in the Life (April 2014)

It seems like mom has entered a little Groundhog Day with the 12-in-12s. Every month she reminds herself the night before that she needs to take pictures the next day. And every darn time she forgets. This month, she completely forgot to shoot on the 12th. Then she remembered for the first few hours of the 13th ... and then she forgot. Fortunately, we had a busy day of activities where she actually took photos throughout. They're not the best, but it's what we've got. We were happy either way because our Grammie B was visiting and we got to show her all kinds of our favorite activities about town.

Hopefully your memory is better than mom's lately. If not, here's a reminder to head over to No Monsters in My Bed and Where the Watermelons Grow after checking out our Saturday!

6.30 am -- we wake mommy up and refuse to leave. it's become a recurring problem -- particularly when daddy travels, which he has been doing a lot of lately.

7.15 am -- since we wouldn't get out of her bed, she does. and heads for a little run. she's slowly but surely getting back to running and is super happy about it (even though it's incredibly irritating to try and get mileage back).

8.00 am -- mom walks Veg and they spy pretty cherry blossoms in the neighborhood.

9.30 am -- Kane builds robots out of shapes while everyone gets ready to head out.

10.30 am -- Cam and Grammie B make a lantern in Yards Park as part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival events. Kane plays ninja tackle with daddy.

11.00 am -- I don't know why mom didn't anticipate it because we'll go in the drink any time we can, but we saw the splash pool and couldn't resist. Then we watched real ninjas do some martial arts, which apparently was so bright Cam had to steal mom's sunglasses to participate.

12.15 pm -- we took Grammie B to our favorite Nando's Peri Peri for lunch and were champs when the promised endless froyo machine was on the fritz. No worries -- we hit up Buzz Bakery for the aptly named Heart of Darkness.

1.45 pm -- while mom did some work and Grammie B sewed buttons back on all our clothes (which we all still save for her visits even though we are fully capable of doing it ourselves), we made a nice early dent in all of the easy "art projects" mom bought to help out on spring break.

2.50 pm -- Cam and mom make a second batch of piggy crayons for Cami's upcoming pink princess piggy party. Cam has scarily good motor skills.

5.30 pm -- we spent almost the entire afternoon driving Grammie B out to Dulles and driving back home. Mom's "shortcut" home actually made it much much worse and we were all a bit delirious at this point. Kane and Cameron spent a good 20 minutes kissing each other's hands and giggling.

6.00 pm -- just as we were starting to see the light at the end of the traffic tunnel, the SLOWEST bike rider in the world rode down the middle of our lane and drew out our ride home to an unbearable length.

7.00 pm -- all of that hot mess plus the fact that daddy had also just left on a second leg of several consecutive long work trips, led mom to tinkering with the caramelized lemonade she made that afternoon. The mocktail became a cocktail. Checkout A Feteful Life tomorrow for the recipe -- word is that it was delicious. 

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