Friday, February 28, 2014

Miscellaneous Madness: Q&A A Day for Kids (December 2013 + January 2014)

With all the holiday and winter madness, we got a little behind on our questions -- both in answering and reporting. BUT we are nearly caught up. Here's the top Q+A from December and January -- a few extras, because we were extra funny. You can't make this stuff up. Seriously.

December 2013

December 1
Q: Who inspires you? Why?

A: Kane -- a work of a good artist because ... VanGogh doesn't really inspire me. Monet does. Wait -- is Monet even an artist? Cameron -- spiders.

December 7
Q: If you were invisible today, what would you do?

A: Cameron -- I'd be like "squeak, squeak." Kane -- I would scare people by moving things around without anybody seeing.

December 10
Q: Pick a parent. How do you know that parent cares about you? 

A: Kane -- mommy. I can look inside your heart. I have magic eyes. When you care about me like when I get hurt. Cameron -- daddy. He hugs me. I look into his heart.

December 15
Q: What do you daydream about?

A: Cameron -- umm ... all the whole town, world, my family. Kane -- you know I daydream when I'm  jumping, but I won't answer the question. You can't tell a dream or it won't come true.

December 16
Q: ______ is boring to me because _______. 

A: Kane -- no movement -- because like a robbery is not boring. Boring is when you don't have anything to do. If you pretend you're doing a robbery {that's not boring}.  Cameron -- spending time with all the family -- because it's beautiful. 

January 2014

January 6
Q: If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A: Kane -- to medieval times -- that's a place, it's not just your own house. You don't have to turn back the clock. And then China to see samurai. England to see the Beefeaters. Where do they have war going on? Egypt? I want to go there. Cameron -- to Nona's house.

January 7
Q: What would you like to do but can't do yet?

A: Cameron -- well, when Kaney tells me something, I can't do it because I'm working on something. When I'm done, then I can do it. Kane -- I want to buy a whole castle, but I don't have enough money. I'll marry a queen, get a whole army of knights, rule the world. 

January 11
Q: Has anyone ever called you a name? Tell about it.

A: Cameron -- yes -- "sheesha." {my friend} called me it. It means you laugh. It means love. Kane -- "I love you" -- you called me it. You say that all the time. It makes me feel good. Now, the question I'm going to ask you is "can I have a joe-joe?" {cookie}

January 19

Q: How do you feel about babysitters?

A: Kane -- annoyed. I just don't like when my mommy + daddy go away. Actually, I said "Illinois," because I don't want to say a bad word. Cameron -- happy. Because I love babysitters and I love you every day.

January 21

Q: Do you believe in aliens? Explain.

A: Kane -- yes - I've seen one before. It crashed on school -- don't ask my teachers. I'm just making up a theory. Cameron -- no, because they're mean. And have sharp claws. Kane -- and they take human heads off and replace them with alien heads. Cameron -- and eat you for dinner. 

January 22

Q: What makes you feel special?

A: Cameron -- ummm... making me shine like a diamond. like a star, like a diamond. {ftr, quoting Rihanna} Kane -- that I'm the greatest architect ever because I make up creative stuff, castles, secret doors, a falling trap.

January 23

Q: Did anyone bug you today? If so, how?

A: Kane -- {points at Cami} -- she kept interrupting me with my castles and I knocked several parts down. Cameron -- {points at Kane} -- because he smacked me in the face {laughing}. Kane -- no I didn't -- she's lying - take her to council jail! Cameron -- guards, get him! {proceed with rock, paper, scissors}.

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