Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Miscellaneous Madness: A Day in the Life (February 2014)

Mom spent this month's Day in the Life like so many other days recently -- trying to jam 8,000 necessary activities, errands and tasks in while simultaneously cursing and preparing for another impending snowstorm (at least we really got snow this time) accompanied by canceled school.

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6.15 am -- mom gets up early for her sort-of long run at 5.45 to find both of us wide awake. it took her a while to convince us to get back in bed so she could get out the door and ponder our 6th sense of anticipating her alone time and how we can interrupt that.

9.35 am -- mom reviews her target red wine scores and debates the need to get more for the upcoming 5-day weekend.

10.15 am -- we're having a playdate today (that was rescheduled from last week's "snow day") and mom cleans up Kane's room. Kane has been spending hours, HOURS, building with blocks in his room and hates when mom makes him clean up his elaborate structures. he negotiated to let this one stand.

12 pm -- mom swings by Suzanne's house to pick up party supplies for a little DIY party craft. those two NEED a studio!

1.30 pm -- mom works on a yummy looking cocktail post for A Feteful Life.

2 pm -- gassing up the car in plummeting temperatures, mom rethinks her choice of footwear.

4.30 pm -- after our playdate, mom scurries outside to salt the porch. Cam plays princess mermaid.

5.15 pm -- good friends of mom + daddy are moving soon and mom stamps cocktail napkins for the going away party they threw them.

6.20 pm -- mom squeezes in time to work on another blog post (cocktail related again. hm, we're seeing a theme develop this winter. promise, mom partakes in plenty of non-booze related activities. really).

7 -- a late din of paleo-friendly pizza! not. but it's Pete's A Pizza and it's delicious.

8 pm -- mom takes our snow predictions for the upcoming storm. we're about as accurate as local weathercasters.

10.15 -- before heading to bed, mom gets in one final AFL instagram for the day -- a shot of some of the hearts they made at WestElm's St. Jude charity event.

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