Monday, February 17, 2014

Keep It Local: Presidents' Family Day at the National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum

Happy Presidents' Day! We know we just posted on the National Portrait Gallery, but they've just been having so much great programming lately, we had to go again! And we know we chose well because we ran into several different friends there, including the No Monsters in My Bed crew. It was obviously a hot spot. We spent a good chunk of this past Saturday enjoying Presidents' Family Day at the NPG and the American Art Museum. In fact, there were so many fabulous activities set up in the courtyard, we didn't even make it out to the galleries this time! Well, Cam and daddy did. But I was ALL OVER the art activities. I met GW again (I swear he was slightly shorter this time) and my second favorite president (Mr. Lincoln), made a top hat, built with Lincoln Logs, designed my own presidential china, colored presidential pop art (a truly awesome art project that we're planning to try at home too), and watched the Nats Racing Presidents boogey down. I give it two thumbs up for a great presidential celebration (and you know how I feel about presidents).

that's a lot of stripes, blondeness and rain boots (Cam changed into her dressy flats upon arrival, obvi).

my top hat.

my presidential china pattern.

now that's a presidential pose.

such a cool pop art project. mom wanted to stay there all day.

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