Monday, February 11, 2013

Holidaze: Chinese New Year Pet Snakes

Our plan was to hit up the Chinese New Year parade this year. Then daddy dropped a little bomb -- he had a "work meeting" at a basketball game on Sunday. Uh huh. Mom was going to make a run at taking us both herself.  That is, she'd take us after a totally necessary Starbucks stop, of course. We planned to scoot to the 'bucks, caffeinate mom adequately, give the scooters to dad to take back home and hop on the train to Chinatown. 

As we were leaving the house, daddy said he had to be back in an hour. Mom looked at him like he was nuts and said "we only live 1 1/2 blocks from there. I think we'll be OK." 45 minutes later we had made it to the end of our street. I'd finally had my scooter privileges revoked. Cami had thrown no less than 22 tantrums (her leg was sore, she needed to stretch. she couldn't scoot fast enough over the cracks in the sidewalk. her hands were cold. she couldn't scoot in mittens. on and on -- you get my drift). Poor Vegas was getting pissed that his dreams of getting walked farther than the end of the street were dashed. Mom announced there was no way she was taking the two of us yahoos downtown in the freezing cold to wait for an hour for a parade. 

SO, back home we went for yet another art project. Our pet Chinese dragons have been a big hit at our house this past week - I change the name of mine almost daily, but Cam's has stayed "Mini Mouse" from the beginning. We decided to make some pet snakes in honor of this year's Chinese New Year animal. Nothing too complicated. Mom cut some snake shapes out of cardboard and we painted them with sponges and old toothbrushes to achieve a scaly look. Googly eyes and a serpent tongue and we were done. And, as with our dragons, we insisted on making a "house" for them -- this time we camouflaged it to help out our new buddies. 

Next year, parade. Next year.

At least we celebrated with a Chinese food dinner AND finally got our fortune cookies. Our fortunes were right on -- I'm in constant search of buddies willing to flow with my style of play and Cami, well, her new nickname is "Pinky Pie" after the always-ready-to-party My Little Pony. Girl loves to have a good time. 

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