Monday, February 4, 2013

In Home Entertainment: Chinese New Year Dragon Pets

The Chinese New Year is coming up (February 10th) and we are a bit behind the game in our preparations. This year's Chinese New Year animal is actually the snake, but we so loved our squish dragons from last year, we thought we'd make a different kind this go around. Kane is obsessed with My Little Pony and loves the show's little dragon friend Spike. So we decided to make Chinese New Year dragons, but create our very own dragon pets.

Mom has seen several different egg carton dragon crafts and we picked out this one as our favorite (it also happens to look like a snake, so you could make a Chinese New Year snake instead). We changed it a bit to suit our style (bling is now a must for almost every craft I make) and made our little buddies "houses" as well.

Here's what you'll need to craft your own Chinese New Year pet dragon:

(1) a cardboard egg carton;
(2) hole punch;
(3) paint;
(4) glue (any will probably work, but we found tacky glue to be the best for the cardboard);
(5) ribbon;
(6) poms;
(7) googly eyes;
(8) crepe paper (tissue paper would also work); and
(9) markers; and
(10) BLING (we used sticky gemstones from Target)

First cut the top off of the egg carton and set it aside to use for your dragon's home. Cut each egg cup out and even out the top edge so it sits nicely (we used 6 cups each for our dragons, but you can use as many as you like). Punch two holes directly across from each other, near the open edge of the cup (except punch only one hole in the the cups you'd like to use as the first and last body pieces and punch no holes in the cup you plan on using for the head).

Paint the outside of each egg carton cup -- we love gold, so we went with that. Paint the inside of the head with black paint. While your cups are drying, decorate the inside of the egg carton top to use as your buddy's house. Don't forget to add some gemstones -- that's what dragons eat, you know.

Once the cups are dry, thread the ribbon through the holes of each cup, leaving some room between each cup for movement. Tie the ribbon at each end so it stays securely inside the cup. Glue the head onto the body. Glue the poms onto the top of the head and then the googly eyes onto the poms. Glue pieces of crepe paper inside of the mouth to make your dude breathe fire.

When the glue has set, go back and decorate the dragon with markers and bling as you wish. We used our do-a-dot markers and rhinestone stickers to finish our guys up. We think they look awesome and they are very well behaved (as long as we feed them plenty of the sparkly stuff).

Check out all of the events going in on the D.C. area for the New Year! 

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