Monday, February 18, 2013

Artworks: Mini Framed Permanent Marker and Watercolor Works

We've been spending a lot of time with our IKEA MALA watercolors this winter and mom has been on the lookout for new, interesting art projects for them. As part of daddy's Valentine's Day present from us, we decided to combine two different ideas we've seen (mini framed paintings and painted permanent marker drawings -- neither of which mom can now located online). Mom had purchased a mini magnetic chalkboard for dad's office, which had space for two 3X3 photos. Instead of giving daddy another set of our mugs, mom thought we could each make a little mini painting.

Mom masking taped down a small square of watercolor paper, creating a frame of white space on the paper. We then used a black permanent marker to create a drawing. We were antsy with this part -- we wanted at the paints. It took us a few tries (after which mom gave up on trying to tape down the paper -- she couldn't do it fast enough) and watching mom work on a few to get the idea. I tried to use different colors (always including green, of course) to paint in my drawing. Cam stuck with purple. Only purple. Well, eventually she looped in some green. But then painted over that with purple.

We also wanted mom to do some drawings for us to paint. She obliged, but stuck with our own drawings for daddy's present. The framed paintings came out really cool -- we have to think of a better way to do this so mom can keep up with our flow and get enough small paintings taped down first (maybe the floor?). Although mom didn't exactly measure them first, so you couldn't see the frames once we put them in the chalkboard. Go figure.

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