Monday, September 10, 2012

Keep It Local: American Trail Exhibit at the National Zoo

Wolves, people.  Wolves.  We went last week to check out the zoo's long-anticipated American Trail exhibit, which has been closed since before we were born.  Among the first animals we spotted was a grey wolf, who came down promptly to say hello (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that from its vantage point I sort of look like a small human that had been left alone).  Love me some wolves.

We were instant big fans of the exhibit, which is incorporated into the side of Rock Creek Park and uses many of the woods' natural elements (or was incredibly well done to appear that way).  In fact, mom has since run through there in the morning and seen lots of deer foraging right next to the wolves, bald eagle, and sea lions.  Allegedly, the wolves ran along side their enclosure with her once -- totes like Dancing with the Wolves, mom.

The biggest draw for us was the "tide pool" splash pool -- built next to the sea lion exhibit, the tide pool floods itself every few minutes offering a nice spot to cool off.  It was busy on the day we were there and we imagine in the heat of summer, it'll be mobbed.  We had just missed the sea lion demonstration, but it looked pretty awesome.  As I've taken to saying lately, "Oh my gosh.  Awesome."   Mom also thought the new Searock Cafe (also by the sea lions), which features Chesapeake Bay seafood, looked pretty awesome.  Lobster roll?  Yes, please.

we quickly learned that you are not supposed to climb on these rocks.

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