Monday, September 17, 2012

Keep It Local: 1001 Inventions Family Festival at the National Geographic Museum

We needed a low-key out of the house activity last weekend and, because the National Geographic Museum is relatively small scale for a D.C. museum, mom thought the 1001 Inventions Family Festival would be a good fit.  It was, but there was nothing low-key about it.

There was free admission that day and there was no chance of getting in to see the actual 1001 Inventions exhibit -- there was a line wrapped around the museum for that.  Fortunately, it will be there until February 2013.  AND the museum had all kinds of free activities for kids to do instead -- we made mosaic tiles, built tall spires, painted incense burners and ate our fair share of hummus.  It was crowded, but the staff handled all the people well and took a lot of time with each of the individual children and their crafts.  We were super impressed and, although the family festival is over, we plan to attend one of the remaining FREE family workshops the museum is hosting on October 27, November 24, December 22, and January 19.  And hopefully we'll get in to the actual exhibit soon, too!

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