Friday, September 21, 2012

In Home Entertainment: Glitter Paint Playdough

Back before we found our way to Discount School Supply (our favored art supply store), mom bought a bunch of supplies from Oriental Trading Company.  We love OTC and its prices, but the art supplies are not top-notch.  So we've had a big case of OTC glitter paint taking up space in our pantry for quite a while and mom decided it might make good coloring for playdough.  We made our usual batch of cooked dough, split it up and then mixed in a good amount of glitter paint.  The paint made the dough a little slimey, so mom had us add in a bit of flour as we mixed in the color.  We thought the colors turned out just like candy (more specifically, like the the candy making kit we saw on t.v. and have been begging mom to buy) and decided to run a little candy shop.

Cam focused on lollipops and cupcakes and I decided to make salt water taffy.  Mom gave me little squares of waxed paper and showed me how to roll up the candy.  Then I sold it to Cam.  We added in sequins the next time we brought it out to play and made some really fancy candy.  Mom also gave us some little candy paper cups to use, which we thought was super fun.  And you know Cami still tried to eat it.  

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