Tuesday, July 11, 2017

XYZT: Abstract Landscapes Exhibit at ARTECHOUSE

D.C.'s art museums and galleries are among my favorite city destinations, but we've never seen something quite like ARTECHOUSE -- a new, interactive digital art gallery located just off the mall. If the gallery's first exhibit, XYZT: Abstract Landscapes, is any indication of what's to come, ARTECHOUSE's large scale interactive exhibits almost guarantee an amazing art experience for families.

To start, the gallery is small and the tickets are timed with a reasonable number of people per time slot. And with 45 minutes allotted for a visit, we didn't feel rushed like we did at the Hirshhorn's recent Kusama mania. We certainly could have stayed longer and no one was forcing us out, but 45 minutes was also plenty of time to get a good experience.

XYZT allows visitors to explore four dimensions (horizontal, vertical, depth, and time) through installations that respond to physical behavior in a totally unique interactive experience. It was completely easy to forget that there were plenty of strangers in the room and just give in to moving your body in all kinds of silly ways. The kids and I jumped, spun, and shimmied through each landscape over and over again.

And it was as much fun for us to try and create our own art by interacting with the exhibits and capturing the results. We intentionally all wore stripes or black and white abstract prints. I could have taken photos of those two all day long in there! (although the red-illuminated EXIT signs were driving me insane!)

I don't want to overshare and I think it's really something you just have to experience yourself. I highly recommend you check this one out this summer!

XYZT: Abstract Landscapes will be at the gallery until September 1. The exhibit is designed for ages 6+ given the sensitive nature of the materials and that the installations are not to be touched. But the gallery allows kids under 6 years old as long as parents are responsibly supervising them, so don't be deterred if you have little littles!

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