Friday, July 14, 2017

The Friday Five!!

We are supposed to be at the beach right now but calamity after calamity struck this week and we are sweating it out in the oven that is D.C. instead. BLAH! We were hot, we were cranky, but the week went on ....

Playing -- with all our lounging and waiting around, the kids have busted out several old favorite games. No Stress Chess has been in serious rotation.

Making -- even though I have a separate "cooking" link, I feel like I have to include these chocolate chip cookies the kids made. I am an awful baker, but they put there heads together to make these chocolate chip cookies.

Reading -- we've been on a roll with great audiobooks this summer and, so far, Hello, Universe is holding its own!

Wanting -- I need a pedicure in the worst way and I'm pretending the excellent base tan I got over July 4th will still be glowing enough to work with a metallic coat.

Cooking -- I didn't cook much of anything this week because I kept thinking we were headed out of town and didn't want to waste groceries. The only thing I made were the dinners we got from Plated -- fortunately everyone loved this Vietnamese Pork Bun dish!

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