Friday, January 8, 2016

The Friday Five!

Reading -- We finally finished our last batch of audiobooks from the library and went back to listen to one of our favorite Seven Wonders audiobooks (our favorites from the last library haul were The Wonder of Charlie Ann and Museum of Thieves). I've also moved on to the latest Lisbeth Salander novel -- The Girl in the Spider's Web.

Playing -- Kane received the LEGO Architecture Studio for Christmas and has been building all kinds of amazing structures. I love the book that comes with it -- there are no directions to build, but there is chapter after chapter of teaching and inspiration about architecture and architects. It's a hefty price tag, but totally worth it.

Cooking -- Our family loves chili -- I can put so many veggies in there and the kids still eat it. I heard about Chili for a Crowd from my friend's blog, Em-i-lis, and I immediately jumped at the chance to make the warm meal promising 20 servings. Chili freezes fantastically, so I knew I could get a bunch of meals out of one cooking. I adapted it a bit for paleo (left out red wine and beans, added in additional veggies) and it was a family win! (this photo is actually for another chili recipe (credit to Jennifer May) -- there wasn't one for the Chili for a Crowd recipe).

Making -- As you might have seen in my first Project 52 post yesterday, the kids are OBSESSED with fuse beads right now. Fortunately, Santa stocked up at OTC.

Wanting -- I was convincing myself that I didn't need my 56th black and white striped top (but this one is different! It's structured and has zippers!) when I came across this pair of leopard flats. I'd actually spotted these on someone earlier in the week and was ecstatic to find them so randomly online. Plus, they are clearly so practical for winter.

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Liz D said...'s a challenge for you. What do you do with the fuse/aqua bead things that your kids make???? She makes something and then I find it laying around weeks later and it drives me nuts. Any creative ideas of something to do with them so they don't just end up forgotten garbage????