Friday, January 22, 2016

The Friday Five!

We are waking up to a forecast of 2 feet (yes, FEET) of snow and a day of school already canceled. Provided everyone stays safe, I'm actually looking forward to being snowed in. We've all been nursing a bug and I love the thought of not having to go anywhere for several days. But, check back with me by the end of the weekend .... In the meantime, here's what's what this week.

Reading -- The kids are reading The Secrets of Droon series, which, honestly, I find pretty bland for beginning chapter books. But they like them, which I guess is what matters. I just started Pretty Ugly and am looking forward to getting some good reading time in over the upcoming blizzard.

Cooking -- Thank goodness there is a good range of Paleo comfort food out there. It's all we want when it gets cold out! This super spicy meatloaf is one of my new favorites. It was too spicy for the kids, which meant Joel and I were left with 12 mini-muffins of meatloaf for ourselves (I like to cook meatloaf in muffin tins because it cooks faster and the kids are more likely to eat it). No problems there. I'll be making and freezing a double batch next time!

Playing -- We've been doing lots of puzzles and math games this week, but the kids have also come up with some nonsensical game involving dancing, spinning and light sabers. And they've been doing that NONSTOP. It always ends in tears. But they persist. Getting snowed in this weekend should be reaaaaal interesting.

Wanting -- I'm overdue for a new pair of running shoes. I'm a devoted Brooks fan, but I tend to hop around among their styles whenever they come out with a new generation of a particular pair. I've been running in the Transcends and hate them. I'm headed back to the Adrenaline GTS! Striped, obvi.

Making -- We heart Valentine's Day in our house and we've been painting heart after heart after seeing ArtBar's post.


Anonymous said...

Hi. What would be the cooking time for the meatloaf if you used just regular muffin pans? Thanks!

Not-So-SAHM said...

Hi! I cooked them at the same temperature for 20-25 minutes. Delish!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the muffin cooking time! I'll try this recipe soon. Looks delicious.

Melissa van Herksen said...

I can't wait to try this with my boys..they will LOVE IT