Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2015 Summer Bucket List Update #1

Ooooweee!! We've made it through the first month of summer break and are due for a 2015 Summer Bucket List update. We are en fuego this year, I'm not gonna lie. We have a bunch of camp and trips coming up, so I'm expecting our rate to slow down a bit. But the kids are on a real mission this summer -- we've crossed a whopping 32 activities off our list through July 4th!! Check it our below and get to summering!

1. - 5.  Five new geocaches -- I'm not sure if we've just really nailed picking solid caches or it's the few years experience hunting that we've got under our belt now, but we found all five caches we looked for thus far.

6. New pool -- A pool was on our new home checklist, but inflatable is how we ended up rolling this summer!

7. Slip n' slide -- a backyard staple and we've finally got a backyard for it.

8. Sunset -- we took a sunset walk around the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial. The kids played dodge the tourists while we sat and watched the sun go down.

9. Baseball game -- we're regulars at Nats games, but thought it would be fun to finally show the kids Camden Yards. A few $5 Orioles hats later, we were local fans.

10. Boat ride -- after the game, we checked out Baltimore's Inner Harbor in an awesome "Chessie" paddle boat.

11. New waterpark -- the Chevy Chase splash park was a new one for us!

12. Outdoor music concert -- a snippet won't do justice to our two-day family trip (with friends) to Sweet Life Festival. I was impressed with the kids' overall behavior, festival-ready wardrobe, and commitment to a good time. Their dad was not impressed with the disproportionately high use of the F word from every single "musician."

13. TV free day -- we stayed so busy the very first day of summer break that they barely even noticed we were TV free all day.

14. Ride a bike -- we've got a no-training wheels rider!!

15. New food truck -- Canal Park is one of our most favorite summer spots to play -- the splash area is tops and always framed by fab food trucks. We ate some deeelish salad, hummus + pita, and falafel this time.

16. Run in park -- the kids were up early one morning and insisted on also getting their dad up for a "family run" in the park. It was awesome.

17. - 18. Two new science experiment -- we've been working on a fun series of experiments learning how to blow bubbles or fill balloons with different chemical reactions. We've done a classic baking soda + vinegar reaction and here Kane uses dry ice + soap to make a carbon dioxide bubble.

19. Water balloons -- we filled up our fancy new pool with water balloons and those two went to town.

20. Glow dance party -- I put on some old school house music (not that new-fangled EDM) and we went to work.

21. Berry picking -- we picked strawberries at Great Country Farms this year (read all about it here).

22. Fossil hunting -- my choice of birthday activity was to check out Flag Ponds Nature Park and hunt for fossil shark teeth. It was awesome (read all about it here)!

23. Ice chalk -- our new favorite way to keep cool while arting -- we've got another batch freezing up as I type.

24. Family game night -- we've been loving family game night lately -- historical and mythological games are our favorites, including the Timeline series.

25. Catch fireflies -- I didn't see fireflies in DC for YEARS, but they are lighting up the new neighborhood!

26. Cloud picnic -- we spent Father's Day on Hains Point, including a cloud picnic where we identified clouds using our beloved cloud finders (click here to download)!

27. Silly manis -- Cam and I bought some fun and funky nail wraps and gave ourselves some loud manis.

28. Mini golf -- on our way up to Cantler's Riverside Inn for lunch, we stopped for a round of mini golf at Severna Park Golf & Sports Center. They had free donuts. Enough said.

29. Summer soundtrack -- we are continuing to add to our Spotify playlist (you can follow!), but the kids are assembling the most random conglomeration of tunes, including The Grateful Dead, Pixies, and Vanilla Ice. They have a reason for each one though, so I guess it's not truly random.

30. Sand sculpture -- we finally got ourselves up to the New Jersey shore over July 4th. Day after day at the beach.

31. Silly string fight -- one of my absolute favorite activities from our list thus far, we handed a can of silly string to every family member, everyone hid, and then I screamed "GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"   Hilarious chaos ensued.

32. Fireworks -- this was the first year we let the kids stay up for fireworks. We watched the Atlantic City fireworks across the bay -- a little far to see much, but also far away from the traffic and madness. It was perfect.

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