Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekend Makes

I'm spending this weekend away from my kiddos and back in my hometown of Oak Park, Illinois. In addition to yours truly (bwhahaha), many other important creative types have called Oak Park home, including Frank Lloyd Wright who built his home + studio there. Even though Prairie Style isn't quite my jam, I've always found his architecture inspiring and am way into the concept of Usonian homes -- the fact that our kitchen is incorporated into our living space at our new home is one of the things that drew us to it most. I've introduced the kids to Frank Lloyd Wright over the years and I've written before about Kane's interest in him, so I thought it would be fun to put together a set of Weekend Makes all about FLW. Here's to an allWright weekend!!

1 / A nature-based building box is an awesome way to help kids learn about Wright's architectural connection with nature.

2 / Perhaps it's slightly cheating to include pre-made blocks in a Weekend Makes, but these Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO sets are serious makes. Kane would lose his mind.

3 / I first introduced the kids to Frank Lloyd Wright by reading them Blue Balliet's series of books for kids that involve Wright's Robie House. Each book in the series features prominently the set of math puzzles known as pentominoes. Print off your own here and get to puzzling!

4 / Love these Wright-inspired votives.

5 / One of the best FLW stained glass projects for kids I've seen.

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