Friday, February 6, 2015

Weekend Makes

In anticipation of Valentine's Day, this Weekend Makes is all about conversation hearts. Whether you love 'em or can't stand the sweet chalky things, Valentine's Day isn't much the same without them. And since we bought a ginormous bag and ate just a few at our Sweet Little Valentine's Day Party, I'm looking for plenty of activities to use them up. And I threw in some conversation heart-inpsired makes for those of you who love the look, but won't be purchasing the candies this year. Make away!

1 / I actually like the taste of conversation hearts, but I'll take a macaron instead any day of the week. So pretty with the gold lettering, too!

2 / Make 'em play for their candy with this tic-tac-toe free printable.

3 / Just what happens to those little hearts once they go down the hatch? Try out some of these science experiments to see.

4 / Mini hearts in a GIANT piñata heart. We loved making little piñatas last summer, so I think we're up to this task.

5 / Make super sweet-smelling paint out of the hearts and whip up some art for your loves.

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